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How do you take NaturaFree Supplements? 

  • NauraFree 5-day STD Capsules: You take 3 capsules, 2 times a day for 5 days. After that your sexually transmitted disease or genital herpes/wart outbreak should be flushed from your system.
  • NaturaFree 3-Month Genital Herpes & Wart Virus Capsules: You take 1 capsule, 2 times a day for 90 days, after that you should be virus free and have no further outbreaks.

Living genital herpes & genital warts FREE 

When the natural ingredients in NaturaFree come into contact with the HSV herpes and HPV wart viruses they flush them from your system. The problem is that it is difficult to make contact with the "whole" population of the viruses because some of them retreat to within the nerves and other tissues. That is why it is required to take NaturaFree a full 3 months or more to completely flush the viruses. Also during an outbreak, the viruses gather to the surface of the skin creating visible sores and/or warts this is when NaturaFree’s outbreak spray gel is applied to treat the outbreaks topically; clearing an outbreak within just days.

What are your recommendations for the genital herpes & warts virus capsules? 

If you have had the HSV genital herpes or HPV wart viruses longer than others, then it will take more time for the active ingredients in NaturaFree to break down and flush the viruses imbedded in your tissue. Therefore, our recommendations are as follows: If you have had the herpes/warts virus for less than 1 year, a 3- month supply is recommended. If you have had the viruses for over 2 years, a 6-month supply is recommended. Finally, if you have had the viruses for more than 4 years, the 12-month supply is recommended.

How do I use the outbreak clearing spray gel? 

It’s easy! Just spray twice a day to the effected area. Our soothing spray gel was developed specifically for quickly healing genital herpes and wart outbreaks. Customers report that within a day (sometimes within a few hours) of using NaturaFree gel, their embarrassing outbreaks began to disappear and are usually gone within 3 days! Also, it you feel an outbreak coming on this innovative gel works on the herpes and wart virus on contact while preventing the sores and/or warts from even surfacing. You’ll always want to keep a bottle of this popular product on hand just incase.

Are my credit card details safe? 

Yes. Your security is guaranteed when you shop with us.

Providing a safe, secure and efficient shopping experience is very important to us. Our secure server is digitally encrypted to ensure that your credit card details are safe and protected.

Your information is deleted from our computer files immediately after a transaction and no details are added to mailing lists or sold, hired or given to any third party.

When will I receive my order, and do you accept international orders? 

Yes, we ship all over the world. All orders are processed and dispatched promptly (the same day or the next business day after we receive them). Shipping in the USA usually takes 3-5 days. International shipments take 8-12 days. We ship all orders by USPS.

Also, your shipping privacy is very important to us. We understand the sensitive nature of this product and respect your need for confidential purchasing and shipping. All packages are shipped discreetly with no mention of the product.

Will NaturaFree products work for me? 

Our products have a wonderful success rate against STDs with countless satisfied customers all over the world. Like all products, there are people who may not respond to the products but we have found this to be only a very small percentage of less than 2%. NaturaFree is guaranteed which ensures your satisfaction!

Is NaturaFree safe? 

Yes, NatureFree is made from natural herbal ingredients and has no known side effects.

Is it ok to take NaturaFree with other suppressive medications/vitamins? 

Yes, NaturaFree products are natural herbal supplements and do not interfere with other medications/vitamins you are taking for preventative measures.

Will NaturaFree react with alcohol, other medications and drugs? 

No. NaturaFree is a natural herbal supplements and does not react with alcohol or other medications.

Can NaturaFree be used if I am pregnant? 

NaturaFree is not recommended to be taken during pregnancy not because there has been any adverse findings but because of the sensitivity of the fetus to any form of herbal exposure.

What if I am not sure that I have an STD? 

If you are uncertain it is important to have any STD diagnosed professionally. If you suspect that you may have an STD, you should consult your local health care provider as soon as possible. If you are confirmed to have an STD, our 5-day STD capsules can be taken with other medications prescribed by your physician. After your STD is cleared you may consider taking the NaturaFree virus capsules for genital herpes or wart outbreaks so you do not pass it to your partner.

Does NaturaFree come with a Guarantee? 

Yes. Customer satisfaction and confidence in NaturaFree is very important to us. NaturaFree comes with a 90-day satisfaction FREE product guarantee to ensure that NaturaFree works for you. It's very simple; if the products don't work, they're free with no questions asked.

What if I have questions? 

Feel free to contact one of our professional NaturaFree STD consultants anytime; we welcome all your questions and comments. Simply use the contact us link at the top of this web site and we will gladly address your questions and/or concerns. All inquiries are answered same day or within the hour. We understand the sensitivity of these issues therefore customer service is our highest priority.